Good Food

All Food Is Good Food

Before I met Adrienne (she’s the brunette, I’m the blond) there wasn’t a vegetable out there that I could say I loved…ok, corn on the cob but that probably doesn’t count. And fish, please, I ate it because it was good for you not because I liked it.  I saw every main course as an obstacle to dessert!

But something happened when I met Adrienne. Her enthusiasm for cooking, and eating, was infectious. She believed that all food was good food if prepared properly. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try once. And if she liked it she would figure out how to recreate it at home. With Adrienne’s help I learned to cook just about anything and her kitchen joie de vivre made it all so much fun.

“My husband and I cooked together for the first time in years last weekend – Pasta with Pesto and Seafood from ‘Cooking with Adrienne’.  The meal was delicious, the real thing and so much better because we did it together.  Your book is wonderful beyond words, combining Adrienne’s recipes with stories and photos of her smiling, laughing, embracing others and life!  I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed cooking, and my vibrant friend and mentor, Adrienne.  I’m back in the kitchen, albeit feeling a bit wobbly, but hoping to continue rubbing elbows with my husband, guided by Adrienne.” Helen + Ian, NYC

Get started cooking good food and read the stories and anecdotes about Adrienne’s amusing and enviable life hobnobbing with chefs – from three-starred to unstarred – around the world.  Become a CWA Insider and get a free preview!

Cooking  and eating with Adrienne was as much about stories like Fluting Mushrooms on the bidet or A day without champagne… as it was about recipes like her favorite Salmon Mousse or Ratatouille, my Pissaladiere tart or a Simple Sea Bass Sauce Vierge from three star chef Pierre Wynants, which takes less than 30 minutes and doesn’t leave your kitchen smelling ‘fishy’.  You can make all of these and more with a little help from Cooking with Adrienne!

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