Marché Forville destination food market

Marché Forville destination food market

Ever since they started travelling to France, Adrienne had wanted a kitchen to cook the food she was drooling over in every market they visited.  Marché Forville was about to become her destination food market.  In the USA in the late seventies it was still very difficult to get good local produce, free-range chickens or grass fed beef.  But in France every town had a market and every market was local.

Adrienne’s friend and food mentor Simca Beck introduced them to the villages in the hills above Cannes where she had a home.  They fell in love with the area and began renting a house in Mougin called La Calade.Marche Forville June 76 4

Every morning they would drive to the Marché Forville in Cannes to buy ingredients for supper that evening.  The covered market was located in Le Suquet, the old quarter of Cannes.

Marche Forville June 76 1

Marche Forville June 76

In those days it was mostly locals who came to buy the fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, poultry and cheese.  You couldn’t find better quality for love or money.

Adrienne became known to many of the vendors as a choosy customer but they loved her for it.  You can see here that she was on a serious mission to find the best ingredients possible.  She didn’t have to look very hard in this market.

And sometimes a three star chef would drop in and stay for a few days, or a month! Adrienne made sure that Jean earned his keep in the kitchen as her Executive Chef!

Jean TG and Adrienne, La Calade
Jean Troisgros and Adrienne at La Calade
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