A day without champagne is like a day without foie gras!

On one of my first trips to France with Adrienne and Martin in the early Nineties, we literally had champagne and foie gras at almost every meal!   Admittedly we were in the Champagne region for the first few days and then in Aquitaine but it all started on the plane. I was travelling in coach in those days and they were in Business Class. But Martin ferried glasses of champagne back to me so I wouldn’t feel deprived.   How deprived could I feel on my way to France???

As we progressed from Les Crayeres to Eugenie les Bain and then to Paris we were plied with champagne and foie gras every evening.  But towards the end of the trip we were facing a day without having had any foie gras and thus our motto was born!

‘A day without champagne is like a day without foie gras.’


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