Fluting Mushrooms on the bidet

Fluting Mushrooms on the bidet

I had never heard of ‘fluting’ mushrooms until  Adrienne’s husband told me this story.  In the late Sixties Adrienne took a series of cooking lessons in Paris with Simca Beck, co-author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  One day she taught  Adrienne how to flute a mushroom, even though the practice was long out of style. Fluting involves carving a design into white button mushrooms so that when they are cooked they look decorative on the plate.    It takes a lot of practice in order to get it right but Adrienne loved mushrooms.  On her way back to the hotel where she and her husband were staying on the Left Bank she bought a pile of white button mushrooms.  With no kitchen sink to practice in, Adrienne perched on the edge of the bidet fluting away!  I can just picture the young and earnest Adrienne not wanting to make a mess but so determined to learn the technique!

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